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Cornell Dubilier has expanded the XMPL series to offer voltage ratings up to 35 Vdc!

Cornell Dubilier’s XMPL polymer chip capacitor series has been expanded to match applications with higher voltage and capacitance requirements. Their excellent capacitance and voltage stability with temperature and frequency make these conductive polymer capacitors ideal for applications where bulk storage and high ripple current filtering are needed.

Possessing much lower ESR and a shorter height profile than SMT aluminum electrolytics, XMPLs offer designers the opportunity to reduce the size and cost of their high-frequency/high-ripple applications by using fewer components.

Standard capacitance values now range from 6.8μF to 470μF, with a maximum working voltage of 35VDC in a molded package measuring 7.3x4.3x1.9 mm. The operating temperature is -55°C to 105°C with a load life of 2,000 hours at 105°C with rated voltage applied. XMPLs are halogen-free and RoHS-compliant.

Applications include high-frequency compact power supplies, DC to DC converters, LED lighting, industrial instrumentation and automation.

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