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Cornell Dubilier Increases Snap-in Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Voltages to 600 Vdc

Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc. announced that it has expanded its signature series of 380LX and 381LX aluminum electrolytic capacitors to include voltages up to 600 Vdc.

The 380LX, and 381LX snap-in series are among the industry’s top performers with a published load life of 3,000 hrs. when tested at rated voltage and ripple current at rated temperature. The 380LX series is designed for 85 °C operation, while the 381LX series meets the same load life at 105 °C. These components demonstrate exceptional life in real-life applications where conditions are typically lower than the capacitor’s maximum specified ratings.

Newly added capacitance values in the range of 150 µF to 330 µF are offered at 550 and 600 Vdc in the 380 LX series and 140 µF to 340 µF at 500, 550 and 600 Vdc in the 381LX series. Developed at CDE’s technology center in Liberty, SC, these new ratings are offered with enhanced ripple current capability, up to 3.7A at full-rated conditions. The company’s latest advances in electrolyte development, materials and processing technology make their higher voltage ratings and excellent performance possible.

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