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Sharp’s New R-IGZO 5.0-inch Display Now Available with Backlight Option

Today, Sharp Electronics Corporation Device Division (SECD) announced

that its new Reflective IGZO (R-IGZO) 5.0-inch Class (diagonal) display for handheld applications is now available in a

backlit option. This update provides added flexibility to achieve superb sunlight viewability with incredibly low power

consumption. Samples are available now, with mass production starting in Q1 of 2023. For more information, visit our

Sharp R-IGZO product information page.

The 5.0-inch R-IGZO portrait-mode display is ideal for battery-powered, handheld products that require full-color and

high-resolution performance in bright outdoor environments. The panel offers ultra-low power consumption for both still

and motion images. The display also delivers industrial-strength operating temperature ranges.

Key Features

Ultra-low Power Consumption

• Zero backlight power required in reflective mode

Exceptional Outdoor Viewability

• Full-color, full-speed video at 60Hz refresh

• Reflective electrode structure + high contrast

• 150 nits of brightness @ 855mW

• -20°C to +70°C operating temperature enables a wide variety of applications

Thin and Lightweight

• Slim, low-power backlight enables compact product designs

IGZO Technology

Sharp’s revolutionary IGZO technology moves beyond traditional TFT LCD technology with electron mobility far higher

than Amorphous Silicon (a-Si) displays. The result delivers high-resolution, ultra-low power, slim product profiles, and

exceptionally detailed touch panel capabilities.


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