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CDE 3-Phase AC Power Harmonic Filter Capacitors

Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc. announces availability of its new PFCH capacitor series for 3-phase AC power harmonic filtering. Intended for use on the AC output of large inverter system, Type PFCH are designed to filter undesirable harmonics before power is delivered to the grid or load. Typical applications include but are not limited to automatic power factor correction equipment, wind turbine PFC controllers, solar inverter output filters, tuned and detuned capacitor banks and power line conditioning.

Each PFCH capacitor is made with three self healing metallized polypropylene windings, connected in delta, and enclosed in a cylindrical aluminum case filled with environmentally friendly fluid. Built in bleeder resistors reduce voltage to safe levels when capacitors are taken off line for maintenance. To ensure an open and safe failure mode at end of life, type PFCH capacitors utilize a UL810 tested and approved internal mechanical pressure interrupter that disconnects the capacitor winding from the circuit before pressure exceeds unsafe limits.

Type PFCH ratings range from 0.5 KVAR to 17.5 KVAR at 240 Vac, 0.5 to 30 KVAR at 480 Vac, and 1 KVAR to 25 KVAR at 600 Vac. Standard case sizes range from 2.0 inches to 3.5 inches in diameter with lengths ranging from 5.75 inches to 13.73 inches. Larger case sizes and KVAR ratings are available upon request.

For power factor correction applications not requiring higher harmonic filtering, the company offers Type PFCS with greater KVAR ratings needed to achieve unity power factor correction.

In OEM quantities Type PFCH capacitors are available with pricing from $35. Samples are available in 4–6 weeks, production in 8–10 weeks.

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