TDK/Lambda - 300W 1/8th Brick DC-DC Converter has Digital Control

TDK Corporation announces the introduction of the 300W TDK-Lambda iEH series of isolated DC-DC converters. Featuring digital non-linear adaptive control, these converters provide better dynamic performance, improved system stability and reduced component count.

Operating from a 48VDC nominal input, the iEH series can provide output voltages of 9.6 to 12V with currents up to 33A. The series is designed to meet a wide range of applications, including Information & Communication Technology (ICT) equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, measuring equipment and general industrial equipment.

The converters are in the industry standard eight brick package and include a baseplate with mounting holes for use with an external heatsink. Optimization of components using digital control enables up to 192W of output power with only 200LFM airflow in an 85oC ambient.

Input to output isolation is 2,250VDC and input to baseplate is 1,500VDC. All models feature remote on/off, over current, input under/over voltage protection, output over voltage protection and over temperature protection.

More information can be obtained at the following TDK-Lambda Americas website,, or by calling 800-LAMBDA-4. Product availability for the iEH converters can be found via the link to TDK-Lambda’s distributor network (see “Check Distributor Stock to Buy”) at


Major applications

ICT equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, measuring equipment and general industrial equipment

Main features and benefits

  •  High efficiency (Up to 94.6%)

  •  Industry standard 1/8th brick footprint

  •  300W output power

  •  Low airflow requirement for cooling

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