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Full SiC & Hybrid SiC IGBTs & IPMs

Powerex and Mitsubishi continue to expand their product offering with the newest power semiconductor technology, Silicon Carbide. SiC offers significant advantages over Silicon (Si) in power applications requiring low losses, high frequency switching, and/or high temperature environments.

Powerex/Mitsubishi offer a full line of Silicon Carbide (SiC) modules to serve a wide

range of applications. SiC hybrid modules (Si IGBT + SiC Schottky diode) and full SiC

modules (SiC MOSFET + SiC Schottky diode) are available for new, very high

efficiency designs or to achieve significant loss reduction in existing designs. Our

extensive SiC module lineup supports applications including:

 Small inverters for HVAC

 High power inverters for traction and renewable energy applications

 High frequency inverters for medical and welding applications

SiC hybrid modules offer ~45% reduction in power loss vs. Si counterparts due to

lower turn-on losses, lower V, and effective reduction of diode reverse recovery

losses to zero.

Full SiC modules offer ~70% reduction in power loss vs. Si counterparts due to

switching efficiency of MOSFET technology as well as reduced diode losses.

Further, use of full SiC modules results in ~60% module size reduction vs. traditional Si.


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