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Fujitsu Adds Ruggedized Mobile Printer

Fujitsu Components America, Inc. today introduced a 3-inch mobile printer whose ruggedized design makes it suitable for use in multiple environments where a robust printing solution is needed. Applications include point of sale, logistics (package delivery), retail (e.g., for on-the-spot generation of discount price and food ingredient/expiration date labels), gaming, and airline baggage-tagging.

The lightweight, rugged casing of the handheld FTP638WSL201 printer out-performs comparable units by withstanding damage even when dropped from a distance of 2.1 meters. In addition, its IP54 rating makes it highly dust resistant and splashproof.

Several features of the printer also enhance user productivity. A paper drop-in system enables faster, easier paper loading, while a printing speed of 130 mm per second allows rapid label/receipt production and handling of customers, resulting in increased output. The printer accepts a larger paper roll than is commonly utilized by similar printing solutions, reducing downtime spent on paper roll replacement. Adding to its flexibility, the FTP-638WSL201 can utilize both 2” and 3” paper by simply turning the knob on the paper carriage.

An optional larger-capacity (5,000mAh) lithium battery may be swapped out for the included (2,500mAh) lithium battery. This saves time by decreasing recharging frequency and/or eliminating the need to carry a spare battery for replacement on the job.

A built-in LCD yields easy control of the printer’s status, along with effortless monitoring of battery charge levels and setting of the communications interface (USB, Bluetooth, WLAN, or NFC) and gap or blackmark positions. Standard accessories of the FTP638WSL201 include a carrying belt, AC adapter, and USB cable. Optional accessories include the larger-capacity battery, a battery charging cradle, car charger, and shoulder strap.

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