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Sharp Memory in Pixel LCDs: The Ultimate Display for Small-Screen Outdoor Applications

Sharp has a long history of developing groundbreaking technology for display applications that live in harsh environments. And the most challenging applications have always been related to a display’s outdoor performance.

In all outdoor applications, the product must withstand wide temperature ranges and extraordinarily bright and dark environments, all while in many cases working from a minimal power budget. These challenges are compounded by the need for portable designs to be extra durable and reliable while also remaining lightweight with a slim profile.

In the past, display solutions focused on addressing one of the individual challenges outdoor applications face–but always at the expense of performance in other areas. Today, Sharp’s Memory in Pixel (MIP) displays provide a solution that addresses all the issues with little compromise along the way.

Introducing Sharp Memory in Pixel LCDs

Sharp's Memory-in-Pixel (MIP) LCDs were designed for compact handheld, wearable, and other small-screen applications that use a battery. Embedded, 1-bit memory in every pixel enables an always-on display capable of delivering high-contrast, high-resolution content with mere uW of power draw. The low-power operation carries over to active image updates as well.

Several key features make Sharp’s MIP solution the go-to display for outdoor product designers today:

  • Reflective Mode Eliminates the Backlight

MIP LCDs’ reflective performance eliminates the need for a high-power backlight, resulting in ultra-low power consumption (microwatt range is typical) and eliminating backlight thermal management concerns. These factors increase the product’s reliability and dramatically improve battery life.

  • High Readability

High-contrast, high-resolution MIP LCDs are highly readable in any level of ambient light, from edge-of-vision to bright sunlight. They also feature a wide/symmetrical viewing angle up to 170° × 170°.

  • Thin, Lightweight + Simple Interface

Our lightweight design includes the display driver circuits integrated into the panel, with no silicon driver ICs required, yielding an exceptionally light display module. The displays feature a thin two-glass design, monolithic driver circuitry, and 3-wire SPI interface with only a few passive peripheral components. A single 3V or 5V supply powers the display.

Sharp’s Memory LCD Suite

Choose from four 64-color size options, plus multiple monochrome displays. Sharp’s Memory LCD line-up includes Class sizes (diagonal) from 1.08” to 4.40”.

Ready to find the perfect display solution for your next wearable or handheld product?

Stronger Together: Sharp + O’Donnell

Bringing the top products to market requires having the best team. Sharp and O’Donnell Associates North have a long-standing relationship and an outstanding track record of successful programs for our shared clients.

Together, we provide strategic product development, expert engineering resources, and the world’s leading display technology. It all adds up to dominating your marketplace. Reach out and put the power of “together” to work for you.


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