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Energy Harvesting Technology - Cherry

Cherry Announces Energy Harvesting Switch Line Up

Cherry is pleased to introduce a full line up of energy harvesting switch products. They have SDK/evaluation kits available for sale through distribution allowing end users and OEM’s to create applications for Cherry’s receivers and generators.

The generator converts mechanical energy to electrical energy, enabling our Energy Harvesting wireless snap and rocker switches to provide data transfer via RF technology, eliminating the need for batteries and allowing for unlimited life. This also eliminates the need for complex wire assemblies and increases flexibility for use in previously inaccessible locations. The generator is integral to the switches, and is also available as a stand-alone unit for use with your own mechanical switch.

Typical applications include Building Automation, Industrial Automation, and Smart Home and Lighting.

Frequencies available include 868 MHz (generally used outside of the United States) and 915 MHz allowing for global use within the product line.

For a demonstration of Cherry’s energy harvesting product line please call or send an email to us:


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