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Laird’s BL652 contains the latest generation silicon with Bluetooth Smart v4.2 capabilities and groundbreaking ultra-low power performance. Building on the expertise of the BL600 Series, the BL652’s smaller form factor, class leading Nordic nRF52 silicon, optimized low power schemes and smartBASIC programming language provide a secure, stable, hostless Bluetooth environment. The BL652 introduces Bluetooth v4.2 and NFC, bringing industrial security and feature expansion to Laird’s proven Bluetooth Low Energy modules. In addition, the BL652 contains Bluetooth 5 ready hardware, pending the release of the Bluetooth 5 specification. Let Laird’s innovative BL652 series and decades of expertise in Bluetooth module design speed your product to market.

Bluetooth v4.2 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) plus NFC

Widest range of configurable interfaces: UART, I2C, SPI, ADC, GPIO, PWM, FREQ, and NFC

Industrial Temp Rating (-40 to +85 C)

Ultra-Small footprint (14mm x 10mm x 2.1mm)

BLE Peripheral/Central roles with DTM embedded

Major security upgrades: AES-128, Diffie-Hellman pairing, link layer privacy

Hostless operation – Internal MCU reduces BOM

Larger flash file systems for data and app storage

Built on years of experience with Nordic (BL600 Series BLE modules)

Fully featured development kit with Arduino shield connectors, support for multiple external sensors

Application Design Choice: Leverage Laird’s smartBASIC or utilize Nordic SDK directly

Download the NEW UwTerminalX as well as the two companion applications: MultiDeviceLoader and TermNotify. See also Laird's BL652 Sample Applications library for a collection of working examples.

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