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Cinch Launches Ruggedized, Stand Alone TFOCA Media Converters

Cinch introduced active bulkhead optical media converters that provide Ethernet connectivity in rugged environments and are ideal for military communications, tactical communications, shipboard, security, fire & rescue, and oil & gas applications. The Stratos T2 series TFOCA media converters feature a 2-channel optical transceiver and media converter, with each channel interfacing up to 1000MBPS Ethernet electrical signals and converting to/from up to 1000MBPS optical signals.

Primary Features: Converts up to 1000BT copper to/from up to 1000BLX optical, rugged MIL circular connector or RJ45 PoE for electrical interface, FCC class A compliant with internal & external EMI sealing, durable leaded solder & conformal coating, MIL-STD-810 qualified for temperature, thermal shock,

vibration, mechanical shock, humidity, and altitude.

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