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Cinch Product Spotlight: Johnson Self-Fixture Coax Connectors

Johnson is the only supplier of a self-fixture solution. Self-fixture parts allow for easy attaching connectors directly to coplanar waveguide circuit boards and operate with exceptional return loss characteristics up to 67 GHz. There are no mounting screws or fixtures required. Connector legs are specially designed to tightly grip to the standard 0.062 in mil board thickness boards until the soldering operation is completed.

Product Specifications

  • 50 Ohm Impedance

  • Excellent electrical and VSWR performance of <1.3 out to

  • 18 GHz - SMA

  • 26.5 GHz - High-Frequency SMA

  • 40 GHz - 2.92mm

  • 50 GHz - 2.4mm

  • 67 GHz - 1.85mm

  • Outstanding mechanical durability of 500 cycles min.

  • Brass construction

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