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Design Your Difference with nVent Schroff's Desktop Case RatiopacPRO

Test and measurement companies around the world increasingly require the appearance and functionality of their desktop enclosures to reflect their corporate brand values and identity, yet traditional customization routes are often time-consuming, inflexible and require additional tools.

nVent SCHROFF’s RatiopacPRO Style portfolio of modular, 19” desktop cases for scientific instrument, optical measurement and visual inspection applications resolves this challenge by enabling thousands of potential enclosure configurations to be created quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

The RatiopacPRO Style digital configurator shortcuts the design process, saving customers approximately 65% of the time they would have spent evaluating and developing entirely new mechanical housing concepts.

For more information on nVent Schroff products, please contact O'Donnell Associates North, Inc. -


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