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FCL Components Releases the Market’s Smallest, Low Power 40A, High-Temperature Automotive Relay

FCL Components America, Inc. has released the market’s smallest, low power 40A, automotive grade, PCB-mounted relay, the FBR53-LE. Because this relay is more than 2 mm lower in height than others in its class, it helps enable more compact designs.

The FBR53-LE is a 1 Form U (Form A with twin contacts) relay that measures 15.7(L) x 12.3(W) x 14(H) mm, with a volume of 2,704 mm3. Its maximum carrying current is 54A for 1 hour, and its maximum inrush current is 200A. It has a contact rating of 14VDC, 40A, and a nominal coil power of 640mW. Its operating temperature ranges from -40degC to +125degC degrees, making it an ideal fit for engine compartments.

Developed at customer requests as a 40A lower-heat and lower-power-consumption follow-up to FCL Components’ FBR53-HW 40A relay, the FBR53-LE can seamlessly replace the FBR53-HW without altering its terminal arrangement. The single-pole FBR53-LE is capable of switching heavy loads for fuel and electric vehicle applications including electric power steering, blower/fan motor, starter controller, and infotainment systems. Reducing the power consumption of the coil (W = V x I = V2 / R) compared to FBR53-HW enables heat generation to be suppressed. This can also reduce battery consumption in EVs and other vehicles with limited battery power.

This plastic sealed type relay is RoHS compliant and uses a silver tin oxide contact material. The FBR53-LE can replace the mini ISO, and a reflow capable (through hole reflow) type is also available.

Samples are available now. Please contact for more information.


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