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Parker Chomerics Announces New Product: CHO-BOND 1018

We're excited to announce our new product, CHO-BOND 1018.

CHO-BOND 1018 is a nickel-aluminum filled, two-component electrically conductive polythioether designed for use as a fillet, gap filler and seam sealant on electrical enclosures for EMI shielding.

Product Features

  • Good EMI Shielding

  • Excellent galvanic corrosion resistance against aluminum substrates

  • Silicone free, easily paintable

  • Packaged in a pre-measured kit

  • No weighing required, mix and dispense in same package, minimizes process scrap

  • Lightweight

  • More coverage per gram of material, minimal weight added to assembly or vehicle

  • For overhead or vertical surfaces

Please contact for more information!


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