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Sharp Electronics Corporation Unveils Its New 2.13-inch Class Color Memory In Pixel LCD Module

Sharp Electronics Corporation, Device Division (SECD) unveiled its new 2.13-inch Class (diagonal) color Memory in Pixel (MIP) LCD module. The display (LS021B7DD02) delivers static or moving images in QVGA resolution and 64 colors, making it perfect for various wearable and handheld products. The new display features ultra-low power consumption of 32 µW (Typ.) for static images and 45µW (Typ.) during 1Hz updates. This savings of power increases time between recharges for small products with a battery. It also enables designers to meet the demand for always-on devices that show a full array of data at a glance without the need to “fire up” the device. The 2.13-inch LCD renders color at 18% NTSC and is 9.0% reflective, which makes images pop even in direct sunlight or high ambient lighting scenarios. The QVGA display delivers smooth graphics/animations and is capable of displaying 18FPS content, unlike many cholesteric, electrophoretic, and other bi-stable, “e-ink” type displays.

In addition to the new 2.13-inch Color Memory LCD, Sharp’s Memory LCD line-up includes the following Class sizes (diagonal): 1.08-inch, 1.19-inch, 1.26-inch, 1.28-inch, 1.39-inch, 1.80-inch, 2.70-inch, 3.16-inch and 4.40-inch.

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