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Sneak Peak - TDK Lambda's RGB Series

The rugged RGB non-isolated DC-DC step-down converters are encapsulated in a five-sided aluminum case that’s rated for up to 115˚C operation. These modules have the industry standard 1/16th brick pin-out, are qualified to MIL-STD-810G for shock and vibration, and are designed for fan-less, conductioncooled applications. The series accepts a wide input range to accommodate various DC bus and battery voltages. The RGB modules come with standard features like remote On/Off, remote sense, output trim, and optional adjustable output current limit, making the modules a truly versatile power solution. The wide output adjustment range allows one model to be used in multiple DC output voltage positions, assisting inventory and part number reduction.

Samples available now! Distribution Stock available June 2024!

For more information on TDK Lambda’s RGB please contact O'Donnell Associates North Inc. -


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